Our worship THIs sunday 24 may 20


This Thursday past, 40 days after Easter, was when the church worldwide remembered the Ascension of Jesus, remembering when Jesus went away for good from his disciples after his death and resurrection. In the bible, we are told that Jesus’ followers believed they saw Jesus going up towards the sky as he left earth for the last time (hence the Ascending name). 

An Ascension Prayer

Blessing and honour and glory and power! Our words echo the praise of angels As you, Jesus Christ, Rise above the limitations of earth, To sit forever at the right hand side of God.

No longer restricted to one place, You are in God’s realm, present in all places.  We praise you, our glorious Lord and Saviour And are forever glad that now there is in heaven One who understands and intercedes for us.

Though now we cannot ascend To where you are, Still raise our hearts and hopes, That our discipleship in this world May be touched with the glory of heaven And our lives be signs and promises Of the fullness of the life to come. Amen.  (Iona Community)

Sunday Service 11am, all very welcome.