Our worship THIs sunday 02 Aug 20

The Majic Playpiece (The feeding of the 5000+)

Mammy, haw mammy Ur ye in the bathroom, mammy?..What ur y daein?…washin yir hair?  Aw mammy, ye missed yirsel!.Ivrybody wis there!..Mrs. Taylor wi Freda an wee Jackie, Mrs. Anderson wi hur two wains.  An ye know that auld man wi the bandy legs an the black mongrel dug that smokes a pipe?  He wis there tae. Aw mammy, ye missed yersel there wir thoosans Thoosans!!

An mammy see yoor rolls they’re majic!  Majic!!  gave them tae a man Naw, he wisnae a strange man, mammy, he wis a nice man Naw, he wisnae hungry!  He lifted the rolls an the fishes up intae the air An he said a wee prayer.

Naw! He wisnae a minister or a priest!!  He wis normal!! He lifted them up intae the air, and he said a wee prayer And then he dished them oot an mammy, ivrybody got a bit! It wis majic!!  They did so, mammy!!  you ask Mrs. Taylor, cos Mrs. Taylor got a bit and she said,  ”Tell yir mammy she’s a lovely baker, son.  ”Mammy, dae you believe me??  Well, there’s five thoosan folk comin doon the road that believe me! think some o’ them are gaun tae pit in an order fur yir baking!  Oh, an mammy, I’ve brought the man hame fur his tea.  He’s in the front room.  Naw, don’t worry aboot dryin yir hair.  He’ll no mind….he’s normal!!      (WGWG)

Sunday Service 11am, all very welcome.